Lessons between 20 and 30

A dear friend sent me a TED talk this past week by a woman named Meg Jay, which was titled Why 30 is not the new 20. This seemingly nice psychiatrist explained that the choices we make in our 20’s are much more important than we think and that in fact, the people we date, the jobs we accept and the lives we lead in our 20’s are really just preparing us for the rest of our lives. In theory I agree with her premise, but I felt her talk was lacking.

When I finished watching, I was depressed. I turned 30 a few months ago and have been struggling with the significance of it. (I realize that we are the ones who imbue these otherwise meaningless moments with so much importance). If 30 is not the new 20, what is it? To me, her talk failed to really outline what are the decisions we should be making in our lives. I assume that many of the experiences in my 20’s were worth something and I am reaping the benefits  of that wisdom now, but how can I know that? I suppose those answers can only be answered by ourselves, primarily as we reflect on where we have been and where we want to go.

On the other hand, my dear friend also sent me this article about taking advantage of your 20’s to really explore the world. Rather than focusing on building your CV, this article details the importance of enjoying those years and understanding that all those random skills you gain will come in handy later on. And it is hilarious.

I’m not exactly sure if there is a moral to this story, except that it is always good to have friends that send you articles prior to group skype calls. And since I met both of those lovely ladies in my 20’s, I must have been doing something right!

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One thought on “Lessons between 20 and 30

  1. Jen

    So grateful to have you as part of my community as we navigate all this stuff called life. Gives me more confidence that we’ll all end up on the sunny side, somehow!

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