Bringing back intuition

I go through periods where I find it difficult to make decisions. I find myself wavering about Friday night plans, not knowing which will be more fun. I go back and forth about which way to go when presented with various options–sometimes it is even as simple as what to make for dinner. I consistently hypothesize about the counter-factual and what would be better for me. I also sometimes do this about work (as a consultant, I am presented with many possibilities and must be able to differentiate between priorities). This is a common problem for people in my generation. There is even an acronym for it: Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). I have spoken with others about this and I realize it is not only me.

I often wonder if I am making decisions because it is what I want, or whether it is what is expected of me. Creating this differentiation is key and I try to find the space in which to be quiet and listen to what is inside of myself. Within this world of social media, it can be difficult to find those spaces. Last week as I realized I need to get in touch with my inner voice, I opened up my meditation book and was greeted by this verse. It perfectly captured my need to let my own spirit sing, rather than having it shut out by the noise of the world. Enjoy.

My self threatens to escape,

powerfully attracted by the world’s light.

Come now prescient, intuitive feeling,

sturdily assume your rights,

replace for me the power of thought

that tends to lose itself

in the senses’ blaze of seeming.


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